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 terrorism in the middle east

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PostSubject: terrorism in the middle east   Mon Nov 08, 2010 2:03 am

Guys I had prepared a study guide for you, but not posted it here! I am posting it now so you can access it more easily.

Question of Terrorism in the Middle East


There are several ways to describe terrorism. The most commonly used description is: the use of intended violence to create fear in order to reach an ideological, political or religious goal. The world today faces the harsh reality of having to struggle against this global threat which only causes instability and tragedies. Matter of fact, terrorism is prominent in the Middle East, which currently occupies ten percent of the world’s territory. Does the Western world discriminate the region when referring to terrorism? The answer is no. The practice is common within the territory, and each country must be held responsible for sole terrorist acts. The Middle East includes seven of the nineteen most oppressive regimes in the world. Five out of seven of the world’s state-sponsors of terrorism are Arab or Iranian. But the question is: how can the presence of terrorism be spotted in the Middle East? It varies from state-sponsored terrorism to the violation of human rights. Another issue which should be addressed is how terrorism began. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has outlined severe acts of terrorism. Attempts to negotiate have been made, but the presence of terrorist organizations, which include the Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and Hezbollah delay the process. The history of both territories is not favorable as well. The creation of Israel in 1984 began this on going conflict. The cause of terrorism within this dispute is political. Palestinians believe that Islam is more than a religion; it is a way of life. Their belief is that the existence of Israel is a symbol of the West and its corrupt power. Moreover, the PLO itself is accused of terrorism, and has assisted with the training of other terrorist groups worldwide. In addition, the Hamas and Hezbollah are both fundamentalist groups, but are accepted by some Middle Eastern nations. Their tactics primarily include suicide bombings. How can both be terrorist organizations while some nations support them? Matter of fact, this outlines the terrorism in the Middle Eastern region. Islam, which is the primary religion of the area, is also an ideology which poses beliefs into question, and eventually causes terrorist acts. This can be spotted within the ideals of the Al-Jihad group. Furthermore, Iran itself is called the Islamic Republic of Iran, and accused of sponsoring terrorism. It is sometimes speculated that the Arab world practices terrorism in opposition to the power of the United States. Other than that, what would be the explanation fore the September 11, 2011 attack?

Speculations (

State Sponsor of Terrorism - Genocide - Religious Persecution
Use of Weapons of Mass Destruction Against Own People
290,000 Iraqis disappeared into the regime's deadly maw
Occupied and plundered Arab Kuwait from 1990-1991
Invaded Muslim Iran causing war from 1980-1988 and 1 million dead Former dictator Saddam in Forbes Report 2003 "The World's Richest People"

Homeland of arch terrorist Osama Bin Laden and most 9/11 terrorists
Refuge of cannibal, sadist and mass murderer Idi Amin of Uganda
Saudi royals paid Osama Bin Laden and Taliban £200m "protection money"
Saudi religious leader calls for slavery's legalization
Middle Age type of theocracy - Religious police - Charges of witchcraft
Transfer and ethnic mutilation
Apartheid against non-Muslims - Death for adultery & apostasy from Islam
Two major cities (Mecca & Medina) forbid entrance of non-Muslims
Churches of other religious denominations than Moslem do not exist
World's only state where cinemas are banned
World's only state where it is illegal for women to drive
Without written permission from a male guardian, women may not travel, get an education or work. Regardless of permissions, they are not allowed to drive, mix with men in public or leave home without covering themselves with black cloaks, called abayas.
Punishment by hand amputation, flogging & public beheading
Muslims worldwide indoctrinated by preachers funded from Saudi Arabia
Religious police prevents male firemen from rescuing girls burning to death
Despot King Fahd in Forbes Report 2003 "The World's Richest People"

State Sponsor of Terrorism - Nuclear Ambitions - World Domination Ideology
Used Chemical Weapons During War With Muslim Iraq
Iraq-Iran War 1980 - 1988 Caused Over 1 Million Dead
Iranian President Calls for the Destruction of Israel
State Sponsored Anti-Semitism
State Sponsored Cult of Martyrdom and Blood
Religious Persecution - Public Stoning to Death and Other Cruel Executions
Discrimination of Women - "Ten Minute Marriages"
Arab Egypt occupied Arab Palestinians in Gaza Strip from 1948-1967. 1964 Palestine Liberation Organization Covenant, article 24: “This Organization [the PLO] does not exercise any regional sovereignty over the West Bank in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, in the Gaza Strip or the Himmah area.”
60,000 Egyptian troops invaded Arab Yemen from 1962 to 1967 fighting Arab Yemenis and Saudi Arabian troops. Egypt's use of WMD against Arabs in Yemen was the first use of chemical weapons in the Middle East.
Home of leader of 9/11 terrorist Muhammad Atta and other 9/11 terrorists
Persecution of Christians - Incitement Against Jews - 200 Years of Failure
Child Abuse - Incitement to Hatred - WMD - Homosexual Persecution
Emergency Without End - Rushed Renewal of Repressive Legislation
Virtually All Females Genitally Mutilated During Childhood

Terrorist acts of the PLO Presence of Hamas & Hezbollah

Key Terms
Arab League – A regional organization of Arab states
Islam – A monotheistic religion, which is guided by five pillars : monotheism, justice, God´s last judgement, prophethood and leadership.
Terrorism - The use of intended violence to create fear in order to reach an ideological, political or religious goal
Hezbollah – The Hezbollah is seen as an Islamist political organization or terrorist group based in Lebanon. Syria and Iran support the organization, while Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan condone its acts. Its main goal is to interrupt negotiations between Palestine and Israel, but is basically opposes Israel. In 1992, the group attacked the Israeli Embassy.
Hamas – The Hamas group was created in 1987, and denotes as the Islamic Resistance Movement. It is a Palestinian political organization, but also classified as terrorist. The group is basically supported by Saudi Arabia, Iran and other Arab League nations.
Al-Jihad – The Al-Jihad is an Egyptian Islamic group active since 1970, and partner of the Al-Qaeda. Its goal is to overthrow the Egyptian government and make it an Islamic state.
Al-Qaeda – Militant Islamist group, and perceived as a worldwide terrorist organization. The group is held responsible for the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Key Questions
How can terrorism be spotted within the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?
How can the Hamas and Fatah be contrasted within the Palestinian Liberation Organization?
What is Iran´s influence within terrorism and how has the nation sponsored the act?
What is the influence of Lebanon and the Hezbollah to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and how can terrorism be spotted?
What is the influence of weapons of mass destruction within terrorism?
What has the Al-Jihad done to harm the Egyptian government?
What beliefs of Islam might trigger the practice of terrorism?
What is the influence of the Western world to the acts of terrorist organizations?

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terrorism in the middle east
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