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 Important Due Date!!!

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PostSubject: Important Due Date!!!   Sun Oct 17, 2010 6:12 pm

Just another reminder Delegates,

Your resolutions are due this Tuesday. We will have school despite the confusion about Parent/Teacher Conferences. We will not have school next Wednesday the 27th. With that said, I would like to remind all of you what I am expecting with this due date. I am requesting the following from each country;

1. An e-mail with your resolution attached sent to me.
2. An e-mail with your resolution attached sent to Max.
3. A hardcopy of your resolution given to me.
4. A hardcopy of your resolution given to Max.

This is a strict deadline and the Chair and Co-Chair must recieve all the hardcopies of the resolutions before we leave school on Tuesday. Also, the digital copy (via e-mail) will need to be in our inboxs at no later than 22:00. Max will tell me if he does not recieve a resolution from any country.

Another reminder, you are all still being graded for posting on the forum. From now on (each week starting on a Tuesday) you are each required to post at least 3 posts. Last week only one Delegate from our Caucus posted at least 3 times. You guys ARE being graded according to your post count!

Tyler Simpson
European Chair
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Important Due Date!!!
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