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PostSubject: LEGAL PAPERS DUE SOON!   Fri Oct 15, 2010 10:14 pm

Dear delegates,

Your chairs wish to remind you that the first drafts of your legal papers are due on TUESDAY. We (your chairs) will be helping you make corrections before you turn them in to your teachers, so make them good! For those of you who are still unfamiliar with the legal paper composition process, it is in the SALMUN handbook which all of you should have received by now. It is shown as follows:


You will be expected to write TWO LEGAL PAPERS. ONE FOR EACH CASE.
This is the format:

Submitted by: COUNTRY
Representative: YOUR NAME
Caucus: International Criminal Court

I. Background info on the case
Explain the whole history behind the case. Start by explaining how that person came to power and their history as a leader. Go into the historical facts that led them to take measures and command operations. Explain the crimes and accusations the person in receiving. You should put numbers, data and facts in this part.

II. Country's point of view
Your country's opinion on the case. Guilty or innocent?
How is your country involved in the case and how does your people and government feel about the trial? Describe how your country sees the ICC and how they feel about the crimes the leader is being accused of. Maybe detail on topics such as genocide, murder or war chimes and especially, how does your country view punishment.
This should reflect your ideas like a position paper would.

III. Arguments
You should put evidence and facts that prove ur opinion on the case. Point out where the leader failed or why he or she should be free from charges. This is where you are free to use your best argument skills and pick out the best ideas to prove your point. Remember to use counter arguments and refute points that could be done by the defense!

IV. Conclusion
An overall of the case and your position.

If there are any more questions or doubts, PLEASE contact us in school/Facebook/email. Your legal papers will be critical for showing how much you understand each topic. Remember; it is not one or the other... you must complete both!

Good luck!
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ICC U.S.A_Etienne

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PostSubject: Re: LEGAL PAPERS DUE SOON!   Sun Oct 17, 2010 3:38 pm

Dear honorable Chair, the delegate of the USA was wondering if even if the delegate is a Defendant, does the delegate also need to write a legal paper on the the other case, which has nothing to do with the delegate's role in the International Criminal Court?
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PostSubject: Re: LEGAL PAPERS DUE SOON!   Sun Oct 17, 2010 6:26 pm

To the delegate of USA,

Great question. Even if your nation shows no particular view on the other topic, you are still required to research that topic, write on it, and therefore create a position based on your nation's alliances and past choices. This assignment is supposed to guarantee your knowledge on it so you are prepared when it is addressed in the court. Even if you are not a defendant/prosecutor when this topic is being discussed, you will still be expected to participate by making relevant points of information, and perhaps short speeches. Considering the fact that the UK is your ally, start there. The fact that you are representing the United States of America, one of the world's most powerful nations, most likely means that you have a view Omar Al-Bashir's crimes regarding Darfur. Plus, you are allies with the United Kingdom which is prosecuting the Sudanese leader, and shares a strong view on Al-Bashir's crimes; look at it historically. Think of the ethnic cleansing, the full-scale civil war after Sudan's independence, the countless human rights violations, and the oppression. Even though you are not the prosecutor for this case, in your position paper, you will, with no doubt have a position tied to that of the UK. Therefore delegate, your chairs advise you to become familiar with Al-Bashir's crimes and take a position.

Here are some links that might help:

Good luck delegate! Questions are always encouraged!
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PostSubject: Re: LEGAL PAPERS DUE SOON!   

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